Here you will find our prescribing guidelines including shared care guidelines and patient information leaflets.

Shared Care Guidelines

To see which CCGs have adopted the guidance please download the document below:

LMMG Guidelines Approved By CCGs Updated July 19 (194.9 KiB)

**Please note — Morecambe Bay CCG have agreed to the Atypical Antipsychotic Shared Care Guidelines for use in patients that fall under LCFT; for patients in South Cumbria the Cumbria Shared Care Guidelines should be followed

**Please note — For Fylde & Wyre CCG DMARD Shared Care Guidelines please use the versions available on the CCG website 

**Please note — For Blackpool CCG DMARD Shared Care Guidelines please use the versions available on the CCG website 

DMARDs Shared Care Agreement V1.1 (124.0 KiB)

Antipsychotics Shared Care Guideline (Version 1.1)340.0 KiB2705
Apomorphine Shared Care Guidelines V1.0 — REFER TO LOCAL COMMISSIONING POLICY BEFORE USE543.4 KiB741
AzathioprineMercaptopurine Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)144.8 KiB2761
Ciclosporin Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)147.6 KiB1972
Combined Adult And Child ADHD Share Care Guideline Version 1.0 (combined)909.4 KiB2514
Denosumab Shared Care (Version 4.0)253.7 KiB1795
Leflunomide Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)144.5 KiB1107
Lithium Shared Care Guideline Version 2.0272.7 KiB1235
Methotrexate Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)146.4 KiB3367
Mycophenolate Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)166.6 KiB832
Penicillamine Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)174.3 KiB1671
Riluzole Shared Care Guidance (Version 1.2)111.1 KiB1277
Sodium Aurothiomalate Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)144.8 KiB877
Sulfasalazine Shared Care Guideline (Version 2.1)142.6 KiB1349
Testosterone Shared Care Guideline (Version 1.1)177.4 KiB450

NHS England Document — Responsibility for prescribing between Primary and Secondary/Tertiary Care