Patient Group Directions

Here you will find copies of the patient group directions for Lancashire and Cumbria for vaccines and immunisation. These copies are for information only.


Vaccine and Immunisation PGDs

The PGDs listed and available below are unsigned and incomplete around the managerial content and authorisation; they are therefore not usable as a legal PGD for health professionals to work under. They are available here for information purposes for the clinical content only.

Please note: many locally (Lancashire and South Cumbria) produced PGDs have now been superseded by nationally produced templates. National PGD templates can be found at:

Where a local and national PGD exists the intention is for the national PGD to supersede the local PGD once the Lancashire and South Cumbria PGD group have completed their review process. This website will be updated once this process has completed. 

The signed copies of these PGDs have been distributed to organisations and GP practices. Each organisation or practice is required to keep the signed copy and ensure all health professionals who will be working under it are authorised and have signed the second page under the managerial content section.

For each PGD the provider or practice should identify a senior, responsible person from within the service to authorise named registered health professionals to practise under the PGD and ensure that authorised health professionals have signed the appropriate documentation. The final signed versions should be published on an intranet.

Before practising under a PGD, health professionals should ensure that they:

  • have undertaken the necessary initial training and continuing professional development
  • have been assessed as competent and authorised to practise by the provider organisation
  • have signed the appropriate documentation
  • are using a copy of the most recent and in date final signed version of the PGD
  • have read and understand the context and content of the PGD

Further guidance can be found in the NICE good practice guidance on PGDs.